Emergency Kit Basics

Every year severe emergencies and natural or man-made disasters disrupt hundred of thousands of lives. While none of us can predict when such disasters will occur, we all do have the power to choose how severely they might affect us and the ones we love and care about. You can be secure by preparing now to effectively respond to any emergency at home, at school, at work, or on-the-go.

At LifeSecure™ we are dedicated to simplifying Emergency Preparedness – making it simple and easy to be prepared. You can start by learning the 3 Basic Emergency Preparedness Principles:

1) Prepare for All-Hazards
2) Prepare for 3-Days (72 hours)
3) Prepare for All-Places

Prepare for All-Hazards
Every family, workplace, school, or other facility should have an All-Hazards Emergency Plan in place for major emergencies and natural or man-made disasters. These emergencies may include:

• earthquakes
• hurricanes
• floods
• blizzards
• tornadoes
• terrorist attacks
• violence
• explosions
• accidents
• fires
• tsunamis
• chemical spills
• landslides
• medical emergencies
• severe storms

All-Hazards preparedness means that how you prepare for one hazard is how you prepare for any other. This principle makes preparedness much more simple and attainable. You plan only once, and are able to use your plan to respond to all types of hazards.

Prepare for 3-Days
As help may not be immediately available in a crisis, the U.S. Government recommends that you plan to be self-sufficient for up to 3 days (72 hours). This requires having emergency water, food, first aid, shelter, warmth, communication, light, tools, and sanitation.

Prepare for All-Places
As one never knows when or where disaster will strike, your plans should include emergency kits and supplies for home, school, work, and on-the-go.

The unique LifeSecure™ Kits-that-Fit™ approach makes it easy for you to decide what you need to be properly prepared.

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All-Hazards Preparedness
“The all-hazards preparedness concept is simple in that how you prepare for one disaster or emergency situation is the same for any other disaster.”
Are You Ready? FEMA

Preparation is simplified by the understanding that there is no need to prepare different kits for different emergencies. The best preparation involves simple planning and the purchase of basic supplies.

Simple planning takes into account a few different possibilities such as the need to stay in your home, school, or place of business or to leave and seek shelter elsewhere. To learn about how to make an emergency response plan, visit www.ready.gov. For information on plans for schools visit www.ed.gov/emergencyplan.

Basic supplies important for any emergency include those that provide emergency water, food, first aid, shelter, warmth, communication, light, tools, and sanitation. Our unique Kits-that-Fit™ approach makes it easy to determine what supplies are right for you.

Or to do some more of your own research on recommendations of important supplies to have in case of an emergency visit www.ready.gov or www.fema.gov/areyouready.

For information on emergency kits and supplies for schools, visit www.redcross.org/service/disaster (see Educator’s Information section).


3-Day (72 Hour) Preparation
“If a disaster occurs in your community, local government and disaster-relief organizations will try to help you. But you need to be ready as well. Local responders may not be able to reach you immediately, or they may need to focus their efforts elsewhere.

You may need to survive on your own for three days or more. This means having your own water, food and emergency supplies.”
Are You Ready? FEMA

Whether at home, school, work, or another facility, or on-the-go, experts recommend that you be prepared to go it alone for up to three days. As each emergency response plan varies to meet the specific needs of the family or facility involved, LifeSecure™ kits and supplies are designed in a modular fashion allowing simple flexibility. This flexibility is an important part of our Kits-that-Fit™ approach.

All-Places Preparation
You can’t be sure where you will be when disaster strikes. This means that prudent preparation includes a plan and supplies for each of the places in which you, your family, or others you care about spend a significant amount of their time.

Your needs may vary somewhat from one situation to the next. That’s why LifeSecure™ has solutions for every environment and situation. Click below to find the right solution for you, wherever you are.

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