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LifeSecure® - Emergency Kits, Survival Kits and Emergency Supplies

Life Secure.  Even when it isn’t.

Why LifeSecure?

The BEST Quality Guarantee in Emergency Preparedness since 2005!



If your emergency kits or supplies let you down, it could mean life or death.

The United States Armed Forces know this, which is why they trust LifeSecure to protect them in an emergency. We hope an emergency or disaster never comes your way, but if it does, don’t trust a lesser quality emergency kit when LifeSecure gives you the assurance of the industry’s BEST guarantee – 5-Years!


Why Do We Have the Industry’s Best Guarantee?

We do things very differently than others, and that makes all the difference in our quality…

  • We hand-assemble our kits in the USA from proven supplies
  • We Pack-to-Your-Order to ensure the long-life readiness of our kits
  • We won’t use cheap supplies, and we don’t mass produce our kits
  • We make kits that we depend on to keep our own families secure


This is why we are confident that our kits will serve you well in an emergency, and we are willing to provide the best guarantee in the emergency products industry – 5-Years!

We’ve helped over 1 million people Live Life Secure by preparing them for any emergency or disaster at home, work, school, or on-the-go. Government agencies, Fortune 1000 businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, and families around the world trust our LifeSecure emergency kits and MobileAid Trauma First Aid kits to provide superior mobility, functionality, organization, and safety in an emergency.

Live Life Secure™ in an unsure world.

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Emergency Preparedness

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Bleeding Control

Incident Management

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