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Why LifeSecure?

We’ve helped over 1 million people Live Life Secure in an unsure world by preparing them for any emergency or disaster at home, work, school, or on-the-go. Government agencies, Fortune 1000 businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, and families around the world look to our LifeSecure emergency kits and MobileAid Trauma First Aid kits to provide superior mobility, functionality, organization, and safety in an emergency.  We do things very differently than others, and that makes all the difference…

  • We hand-assemble our kits in the USA from proven supplies
  • We Pack-to-Your-Order to ensure the long-life readiness of our kits
  • We won’t use cheap supplies, and we don’t mass produce our kits
  • We make kits that we depend on to keep our own families secure

Live Life Secure™ in an unsure world.

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Emergency Preparedness

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Bleeding Control

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Incident Management

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We Have the Emergency Supplies You Need

  • WaterBasics Red Line Disaster & Emergency Water Filter Bottle (70082)

    $49.95 Add to cart

  • LifeSecure Store-and-Tote Emergency Drinking Water Kit (70005)

    $29.95 Add to cart

  • Survive Outdoors Longer® Thermal Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag

    Survive Outdoors Longer® Thermal Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag (70540)

    $30.00 Add to cart

  • Goal Zero Flip 10 On-The-Go Emergency Charger – Blue (77010)

    $24.99 Add to cart

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Meteorologist Mark McGinnis Answers Top Questions About Hurricanes
1 Oct

Meteorologist Mark McGinnis Answers Top Questions About Hurricanes

By David Scott | 0 Comment

LifeSecure recently sat down with Mark McGinnis from Fair Skies Consulting to ask some pressing questions from our readers following the publication of our blog, What We Can Learn from Hurricane Harvey.

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What We Can Learn from Hurricane Harvey
10 Sep

What We Can Learn from Hurricane Harvey

By David Scott | 0 Comment

Hurricanes. Nobody wants to think about them as a possibility that can wipe out entire blocks of homes, lives, and livelihoods. You’d be surprised at just how unprepared people usually are for a natural disaster like a hurricane…and they often realize this at the worst moment, when the hurricane has arrived, ready to wreak havoc. The time to start thinking about hurricane preparation is decidedly not when the eye of the storm comes knocking on your door. 

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September: National Preparedness Month
4 Sep

September: National Preparedness Month

By David Scott | 0 Comment

September is National Preparedness Month, which encourages Americans to prepare for any type of disaster at home, in the office, and in the community. The campaign is led by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and it is sponsored by Ready Campaign. This years theme for planning is: Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.

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