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Emergency Kit Checklist

Don’t Wait – Respond Immediately

When a medical emergency happens at your facility, you want to get the best possible care to the scene right away. In any emergency, precious minutes may be lost waiting for outside responders. In a disaster, professional help may be hours or even days away. That’s why we designed the Trauma First Aid Kits, Carts and Stations to be the very best emergency kit choice for immediate response with emergency First Aid.

Unlike wall-mounted stations, heavy trauma duffle bags, or small inadequate First Aid emergency kits, the MobileAid Trauma First Aid Station brings comprehensive emergency First Aid supplies to the scene quickly and easily. The MobileAid Trauma First Aid Station meets OSHA requirements and ANSI standards, and is organized in Quick-Response modules for rapid response and treatment. With MobileAid, First Aid trained on-site responders can deliver the best possible first care in a medical emergency or disaster.

In a serious medical emergency, contact emergency medical service (EMS) personnel immediately. Then, as appropriate, First Aid trained on-site responders may provide immediate care using the MobileAid Trauma First Aid Station.

Respond Effectively

Superior Mobility Emergency Kits

In most emergencies, a rolling response is the fastest response, especially at a distance. The MobileAid dual wheel system takes stairs and curbs with ease. A truly efficient emergency kit that takes into account the need for both supplies and mobility. And the integrated gear platform accommodates an additional 300 lbs. for transporting AEDs, oxygen tanks, or other medical equipment. The emergency kit has a superior design that allows your trained on-site responders arrive on the scene quicker and ready to begin treatment, not tired from carrying heavy gear.

Superior Organization

Smart organization means a faster and more effective response to a medical emergency. Our clear-view Quick-Response modules are carefully marked for fast access to all the supplies needed for wound cleaning, treatment or bandaging.

Superior Features and Functionality

The best emergency kits are not only fast, but effective too. MobileAid quickly delivers extensive trauma First Aid supplies along with extra features that can mean the critical difference in care to those needing emergency First Aid.

Telescoping Handle/Compact Storage Profile

Made of durable aircraft aluminum, the handle extends to 38″ and retracts into the frame. The station requires less than 2 cu it for easy storage in cabinets, closets and vehicles. External dimensions: 12.25″W x 18.5″H x 14.0″D Station Weight: 27 lbs.

Heavy-Duty Weather-Resistant Bag

Made from premium polyester coated with water-repellent polyurethane, the outside hag features a high-visibility rain flap and clear markings for added safety and protection. This specially designed First Aid insert bag has clear pockets for quick supply ID and access. The bag is removable and washable.

Dual Wheel System

4″ wheels made of shock-absorbing polyurethane take stairs and curbs easily. The lower 2 wheels feature red/blue LEDs powered by a tiny magneto for safety in low light areas. No batteries required.

Super-Durable Frame

An impressive emergency kit in both design and practicality, the aluminum frame can support over 300 Ibs, but weighs less than 9 lbs. It features a perforated exoskeleton design with secure joints, and chrome-plated screws with shake-proof nylon aircraft lock nuts for extra strength.

Integrated Seat and Gear Platform

To aid responders in transporting up to 300 lbs of additional equipment like AEDs, oxygen tanks and hydration equipment, the station features a gear platform that doubles as a seat for patient or responder when deployed in an emergency.

Respond Confidently

Extensive Trauma First-Aid Supplies.

This emergency kit’s specially selected 260-piece trauma assortment of First Aid supplies is designed to respond to variety of injuries and other medical conditions by providing supplies for:

  • protection, sanitation and hygiene
  • wound cleaning & treatment
  • wound dressing & bandaging
  • large wound dressing & bandaging
  • hydration & cold application

These supplies meet OSHA First Aid requirements and ANSI First Aid standards.

Quick-Response Treatment Modules – Emergency Kits

Supplies are carefully organized into Quick-Response modules designed to aid the responder in quickly accessing supplies for a needed function. Smart organization means faster and more effective response to any injury or medical need. Clearly marked modules and tough clear plastic allows for easy supply recognition. Dual clasps keep supplies well secured and protected.

Emergency Evacuation Stretcher

This folding flexible stretcher is lightweight (approximately 2 Ihs ), can be carried by 2 to 8 people, and folds to a compact 12″ x 12″ x 2″ for convenient storage inside the trauma first aid station.

First Aid Flag

This first aid flag 07.5″ x 12″) extends to 8 feet tall and ensures that the emergency kit station can’t be missed in an emergency. The aluminum flag pole collapses to 17″ for storage in the side-pouch designed to easily attach to the trauma station. The flag can be deployed while attached to the station using the deployment slot in the pouch or may be deployed separately from the station.

MobileAid Trauma First Aid Station (31500)

Wheel this 260-piece Trauma First Aid station directly to the medical emergency — large or small.

  • Compact station is organized in Quick-Response modules for rapid response and treatment.
  • Extensive First Aid supplies meet OSHA requirements and ANSI standards and include a flexible evacuation stretcher.
  • High visibility markings, flashing LED wheels, and an 8-foot collapsible flag make the mobile station easy to spot in any situation.
  • Unique dual wheel design makes climbing curbs and stairs easy.
  • An integrated seal and gear platform allow patient to sit to be treated or can be used to haul additional equipment.
  • Super-durable aerospace class frame construction and heavy-duty weather resistant bag safeguard contents.
  • Telescoping handle retracts for compact storage in less than 2 cubic feet.