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Holiday Gift Guide for Employers

This winter, we’re looking forward to white blankets of snow, family gatherings, and the exchange of gifts. As an employer or business owner, don’t forget to thank your employees for all their hard work this year with a thoughtful emergency preparedness themed gift.

Surveys reveal that employees appreciate practical gifts more than symbolic ones, and there’s nothing more useful than having the tools to protect yourself from an unexpected disaster.

As a company that believes in emergency preparedness, we wanted to share 10 of our favorite products that make perfect holiday gifts to show your employees or clients how much you care about their safety and well-being.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Employers

Waterproof LED Lantern

Every household needs a flashlight or lantern if the weather cuts the lights out in your home. The LUCI Solar Waterproof LED Charger/Lantern is a multi-functional, portable solar lantern that fits perfectly in your closet, trunk, or backpack.

As a bonus, this solar lantern doubles as an emergency charger for your cell phone if you are stuck in an emergency.

WaterBasics Red Line Disaster & Emergency Water Filter Bottle

Give employees the gift of hydration in the event of an emergency with the WaterBasics Red Line Disaster and Emergency Water Filter Bottle. This bottle removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from any water source to make it drinkable. You can even drink from questionable water sources, including polluted lakes, ponds, streams, improperly stored water, and contaminated municipal water.

When disaster strikes, your employees need something more substantial than a traditional water filter. We guarantee the Red Line Disaster Water Bottle is the perfect emergency solution.

COAST LED Pocket Pliers Multi-Tool

The COAST LED Pocket Pliers Multi-Tool delivers 15 built-in tools, including a built-in LED light and spring-loaded pliers. Each tool is easily accessible without needing to open the jaw.

While beneficial in an emergency situation, this multi-tool also provides everyday functionality. Your employees could use the included tools to open packages or tighten screws around the home and office.

SECUR Dynamo/Solar Emergency NOAA Radio and Flashlight

During an emergency, being aware of what’s happening is key to keeping you and your family safe. Show your employees you care about them by giving them an all-in-one Solar Emergency NOAA Radio, Flashlight, and Cell Phone Charger. This radio-flashlight combination charges via USB, solar panels, and dynamo, which means it stays on whether you have electricity or not.

What’s special about this radio is that it provides a digital NOAA band radio so anyone using it can stay updated with the latest weather news in an emergency.

Mini Backpack 3-Day Emergency Kit

The mini backpack 3-day emergency kit is a customer favorite. The mini-backpack with sling/shoulder bag option allows for hands-free emergency response, while adjustable straps with 16 attachment configuration options ensure a comfortable and functional fit. 

This kit includes the world’s loudest compact safety and rescue whistle with a lanyard: the Wind Storm All-Weather Whistle (103 dB – can be heard up to 1/2 mile).

On-the-Go First-Aid Kit

The MobileAid on-the-go first aid kit is the best choice for families with enough supplies to cover multiple people in the event of an injury. Perfect for toting in the car to kids’ athletic practices, vacations, or simply down the road to run an errand, this kit assists your employees’ families with any minor wounds and injuries that pop up.

Containing 18 different pieces, including bandages, tape, and an ice pack, this first aid kit has been designed to keep families safe.

Hi-Visibility, Hi-Safety 3-Day Auto Emergency Kit Holiday Gift Guide for Employers

Every car needs an emergency kit. Our 3-day auto emergency kit fits perfectly in your trunk or backseat and contains everything you need in the event of a car accident or other disaster. This auto kit includes an integrated LED flashing safety signal with multiple flash modes, 30-Piece first aid kit, and two 20-hour body warmers.

If your employees are on the road for sales calls or traveling on company business, protect them from unexpected emergencies with our all-in-one auto emergency kit.

MobileAid Grab-N-Go Trauma First Aid Field Kit

This 157-piece Grab-and-Go Trauma First Aid Field Kit is filled with essential trauma first aid supplies organized in a shoulder bag for employees who live a bit more adventurously. Four expandable compartments provide easy access, and a quick-release buckle allows your employees more time to prevent serious injuries.

Compact 3-Day Disaster Survival Kit

This compact 3-day emergency kit is perfect for employers on a tighter budget with their holiday gifting for employees on the go. This survival kit equips employees or clients with 72 hours of survival support in the event of an emergency — without all the bells, whistles, and features of a larger 3-day emergency kit.

Want more emergency kits this holiday season? LifeSecure has you covered.

This winter, give the gift of safety this holiday season with LifeSecure’s hand-assembled emergency kits. To date, we’ve saved over 1,400,000 lives and plan to continue keeping families feel secure in their homes and abroad. Let us protect you and your employees this year.

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David Scott
David Scott
David co-founded LifeSecure in 2005, just a few months before Hurricane Katrina taught everyone that one can go hungry and thirsty in America and even die before help arrives. For over a decade David has focused on developing and discovering superior emergency and disaster survival solutions - kits and supplies. He has trained community groups in emergency preparedness, helped non-profit organizations prepare emergency kits for needy individuals, conducted community emergency response exercises, and developed emergency plans for non-profit organizations. David makes an ongoing study of how best to prepare for and respond to various natural and man-made disasters, and his mission has been to help others “live Life SECURE” every day by preparing for what may come someday.