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Holiday Gift Guide for Employers

Holiday Gift Guide for Employers Blog

Updated November 2019

The holiday season is upon us. Here at LifeSecure, we’re looking forward to dropping temperatures, white blankets of snow, work holiday parties, family gatherings, and, of course, the exchange of carefully chosen gifts.

With gift-giving season comes a tough decision for employers and business leaders — should you get your employees and/or clients something to show your appreciation? According to a 2018 Corporate Gift Giving Study by ASI 42% of employers plan to give gifts to workers, up from 2017. Additionally, employers plan to spend more on corporate gifts than in past year with the average gift value of $65. No matter the value of the gift, employees agree that useful gifts, rather than symbolic ones are most appreciated.

We recommend gifting your employees with the items that aid emergency preparedness at home and in their personal lives. Here are a few products that make especially good holiday gifts to show your employees or clients how much you care about their safety and well-being:

Holiday Gift Guide for EmployersMini Backpack 3-Day Emergency Kit

Our ultimate emergency preparedness product, this will give your employees and/or clients the gift of peace-of-mind and survival in the event of a prolonged emergency that leaves them stranded or isolated.

Product description: Hi-Visibility Mini-Backpack emergency survival kit (sling/shoulder bag option) with integrated LED safety signal flasher and reflective safety stripes with 3 days (72 hours) of U.S. Government recommended personal supplies. Stores easily in drawers, shelves, cabinets, and vehicles.

The mini-backpack with sling/shoulder bag option allows for hands-free emergency response, while adjustable straps with 16 attachment configuration options ensures a comfortable and functional fit. Dual tote handles provide additional carry option. Three zippered compartments, quick-access side gear pocket, mesh water bottle carrier, and four gear-attach D-rings keep supplies organized and at the ready. This kit includes the World’s Loudest compact Safety and Rescue whistle with lanyard, the Wind Storm All-Weather Whistle (103 dB – can be heard up to 1/2 mile).

On-the-Go First-Aid Kit

This safety product is perfect for families since it has enough supplies to cover multiple people in the event of an injury. Perfect for toting along in the car to kids’ athletic practices and competitions, vacations, or simply down the road to run an errand, it will assist your employees’ families with minor wounds and injuries.

Product Description: A 158-piece grab-and-go first aid kit for medical response in any emergency. Packed in an Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) clear-view ballistic nylon pouch, this kit includes critical first aid supplies for responding to medical emergencies. Perfect for a quick response on campus or for field trips and other excursions. Specific features include critical medical response, hands-free carry, clear view access, easy identification, and durable protection for supplies. Notable supplies included in this kit include antiseptic wipes, multiple sizes, and types of wound dressings, a first-aid guidebook, a high-visibility safety vest, and biohazard bags.

person_family_emerg_kit[4-Person] LifeSecure Duffel All-Hazards 3-DAY Emergency Kit (80400)

Product Description: 2-In-1: Designed for both shelter-in-place or evacuation to respond to any emergency or disaster scenario, this comprehensive, portable 72 hour emergency kit has 3 days of U.S. government recommended supplies for 4 people. Emergency supplies are well organized to provide easier accessibility to key emergency components. Large durable duffel bag has space for additional emergency or personal items.

Hi-Visibility, Hi-Safety 3-Day Auto Emergency KitHoliday Gift Guide for Employers

Our 3-day auto emergency kit fits perfectly in the car and will aid your employees or clients in the event of a car accident or other disaster in which severe injury or lengthy isolation occurs.

Product Description: Keep this kit in your vehicle to Be Seen, Be Safe, & Be Secure in any emergency or disaster when you are On-The-Go…Compact, Hi-Visibility shoulder strap and a sling bag with integrated LED safety flasher carries 3 days (72 hours) of U.S. Government recommended personal supplies and room for additional emergency supplies and personal items. Stores easily in your vehicle.

MobileAid Grab-N-Go Trauma First Aid Field Kit (37320)MobileAid Grab-N-Go Trauma First Aid Field Kit (37320)

A 157-piece Grab-and-Go Trauma First Aid Field Kit with essential trauma first aid supplies organized in a shoulder bag with four expandable compartments.  Compact storage to be ready when you need it.

Holiday Gift Guide for Employers

Compact 3-Day Disaster Survival Kit

The little sibling version of the 3-day emergency kit, this is perfect for employers on a tighter budget with their holiday gifting. This survival kit will equip employees or clients with 72 hours of survival support in the event of an emergency — without all the bells, whistles, and features of the 3-day emergency kit.

Product Description: This compact kit exceeds U.S. Government All-Hazard Preparedness guidelines for 3 Days (72 hours) of personal emergency support. Includes extensive, yet compact, supplies for breathing protection, first aid, water, food [5–year shelf life], warmth, communication, light, hygiene, and sanitation. Heavy–duty 600 denier shoulder bag has 3 zippered compartments and a cell phone pocket. Stores easily in drawers, shelves, cabinets, and vehicles.

Holiday Gift Guide for EmployersWaterBasics Red Line Disaster & Emergency Water Filter Bottle

Give employees the gift of hydration in the event of an emergency with our emergency water filter bottle. This bottle filters chemicals and bacteria from any water source to make it drinkable. If disaster strikes, people need something stronger protection than a Brita, and we guarantee our product is best for keeping people hydrated — which often is the difference between life and death.

Product Description: WaterBasics Red Line Water Filtration Bottle (High-Risk Hydration Protection in a disaster situation. Drink from even questionable water sources: polluted lakes, ponds, streams, improperly stored water, contaminated municipal water. Removes virus, bacteria, crypto, giardia. Reduces chlorine and chemicals. Improves taste and odor. Over 750 refills.)

The WaterBasics™ RED Line Filtered Water Bottle is the perfect way to enjoy great tasting, filtered water with just a squeeze and a sip. The simple to use design makes it easy to have fresh, clean, filtered water in an emergency situation. When you drink from a WaterBasics RED Line Filtered Water Bottle, you are assured of a thoroughly tested and proven level of biological protection that includes protection from virus, bacteria, protozoans, and chemical and biological toxins.

The WaterBasics RED Line Filtered Water Bottle is BPA Free, fits into standard cup holders, backpack pockets, and bike cages. The patented Bite-Me valve is soft, friendly, flows like crazy, and stays clean thanks the unbreakable protective cap. It is leak free and will even stay sealed in an airplane overhead bin. The Series II filter design, contoured shape, soft squeezable design make the RED Line Filtered Water Bottle a natural choice for drinking water protection.

The Red Line filter removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, contaminants, and pollutants found in drinking water sources.

SECUR Dynamo/Solar Emergency NOAA Radio and Flashlight (70800)SECUR Dynamo/Solar Emergency NOAA Radio and Flashlight

Product Description: A great addition to any emergency kit, house office or car.  Charges by USB, Solar and Dynamo. LED flashlight!

Coast Rescue Knife with Blade Assist Folder (72090)Coast Rescue Knife with Blade Assist Folder (72090)

Product Description: This rescue knife is an excellent addition to any emergency kit.  Has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker which makes it great for an automobile emergency kit.

Holiday Gift Guide for Employers

COAST LED Pocket Pliers Multi-Tool

Our multi-tool promotes safety by equipping people with 15 built-in tools. Each tool is easily accessible without needing to open the jaw. It also has an LED light, spring-loaded pliers and a lifetime warranty — making it perfect for emergency and daily use.

Product Description: With 15 tools, the LED145 Multi-Tool will prepare you to respond to just about any challenge that arises in an emergency.  Perfect to carry on your belt with a sheath or in your emergency kit. Heavy duty multi-function tool with built-in LED light and spring loaded pliers.  A great tool for emergencies or to have for daily use.

LifeSecure is a Northbrook, IL-based company that manufactures and distributes emergency preparedness products to businesses and individuals. In line with CEO David Scott’s mission to better equip the community and beyond for life-threatening situations, the company creates superior emergency and disaster survival solutions, such as kits and supplies.  LifeSecure makes an ongoing study of how best to prepare for and respond to various natural and man-made disasters so that consumers can Live Life Secure. To see our full inventory, please visit our homepage. For immediate help or questions, call us at 877-877-5522.

LifeSecure wishes everyone a happy and safe Holiday season!

David Scott
David co-founded LifeSecure in 2005, just a few months before Hurricane Katrina taught everyone that one can go hungry and thirsty in America and even die before help arrives. For over a decade David has focused on developing and discovering superior emergency and disaster survival solutions - kits and supplies. He has trained community groups in emergency preparedness, helped non-profit organizations prepare emergency kits for needy individuals, conducted community emergency response exercises, and developed emergency plans for non-profit organizations. David makes an ongoing study of how best to prepare for and respond to various natural and man-made disasters, and his mission has been to help others “live Life SECURE” every day by preparing for what may come someday.