David Scott
David co-founded LifeSecure in 2005, just a few months before Hurricane Katrina taught everyone that one can go hungry and thirsty in America and even die before help arrives. For over a decade David has focused on developing and discovering superior emergency and disaster survival solutions - kits and supplies. He has trained community groups in emergency preparedness, helped non-profit organizations prepare emergency kits for needy individuals, conducted community emergency response exercises, and developed emergency plans for non-profit organizations. David makes an ongoing study of how best to prepare for and respond to various natural and man-made disasters, and his mission has been to help others “live Life SECURE” every day by preparing for what may come someday.
P.O. Box 2386

Stay Secure.  When Life Isn’t.

Medical Emergency Kits

Medical backpacks and medical emergency bags can help keep hospital staff and patients safe in event of a disaster. In emergency situations hospitals sometimes have to be locked down or evacuated. The medical backpacks can save patients and hospital staff while they do not have access to all of the hospitals medical supplies. Medical emergency kits can also help by providing trauma first aid supplies to anyone who has been injured when hospital staff may not be able to reach the normal supplies.

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