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MobileAid Emergency Response

Be “READY TO ROLL” immediately to any emergency or disaster. With MobileAid®, onsite medical, safety, security, and mangement personnel, as well as professional and community responders can respond effectively without waiting for outside help. MobileAid® delivers High-Visibility trauma first aid kits, medical kits, emergency kits, and emergency & medical bags and backpacks that offersuperior mobility, functionality, organization, safety, and design.

READY TO ROLL, Anywhere!

MobileAid helps on-site professional and lay emergency responders be “READY TO ROLL” in any emergency or disaster, anywhere.

In an emergency, the best possible emergency response needs to get to the scene right away.  We design our MobileAid High-Visibility trauma first aid kitsmedical response kits, and emergency response kits to be your best choice for immediate emergency response with extensive trauma first aid supplies, medical equipment, and emergency supplies.

MobileAid kits, bags, backpacks and rolling emergency stations deliver high-visibility solutions with superior mobility, organization, functionality, safety, and design to ensure an effective emergency response.  We offer:

  • Hi-Vis Trauma kits, trauma bags, trauma backpacks
  • Hi-Vis First aid kits, first aid backpacks, first aid bags, rolling first aid bags
  • Hi-Vis Medical kits, medical backpacks, medical bags
  • Hi-Vis EMS kits, EMS bags, EMS backpacks
  • Hi-Vis Emergency kits, emergency bags, emergency backpacks

MobileAid helps lay on-site responders and EMSEMTfiremedical, ambulance, CERTsearch & rescuemilitarysafetylaw enforcementand security personnel respond confidently to emergencies or disasters in:

  • Government buildings and facilities
  • U.S. military installations
  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing, processing, and warehousing facilities
  • Retail stores and shopping malls
  • Public transportation facilities: airports, train stations, bus terminals, subways
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Libraries and museums
  • Churches
  • Community centers and parks
  • Communities and neighborhoods
  • Other public and private facilities

Respond immediately:
In any emergency, being prepared to respond immediately can make all the difference.  In a disaster at any facility, outside professional response help may be hours or even days away.  Professional emergency responders also need to have excellent emergency equipment and emergency medical supplies at the ready to allow for an immediate response to a disaster or emergency. With this in mind, we design MobileAid High-Visibility emergency kits, bags, backpacks and rolling stations to be your very best choice for immediate response with emergency aid.

Respond effectively:
Superior mobility – In many emergencies a “rolling” response is the fastest response, especially at a distance.  MobileAid rolling-bag stations allow medical and emergency responders arrive on the scene ready to provide aid, not tired from carrying heavy gear.  MobileAid 4-Way carry emergency backpacks (backpack, shoulder carry, hand carry, ride on rolling-bag station) can ride along on top of these rolling-bag stations to provide extra supplies.  These MobileAid 4-Way carry emergency backpacks can also be deployed across more rugged terrain or when it may be necessary to climb stairs.

Superior organization – Smart organization means a faster and more effective response to any emergency.  MobileAid clear-view Quick-Response modules are carefully marked for fast access to all supplies.  All supplies are carefully organized by function by emergency or medical function.

Superior features and Multi-functionality – The best emergency response is not only fast and organized, but effective too.  MobileAid kits, bags, backpacks, and emergency response stations quickly deliver emergency supplies, medical equipment, and trauma first aid supplies along with extra features that can mean the critical difference in emergency care and response.

Respond confidently:
With MobileAid High-Visibility emergency response kits, rolling-bag trauma first aid stations, and medical response kits, all lay or professional responders can respond confidently to emergencies or disasters large or small.

Contact us:
Call or email us to see how MobileAid can help you be… READY TO ROLL, Anywhere!TM