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Why You Need a 72 Hour Kit

Events occur each year in locations around the world that draw global attention, concern, and aid from countless people. Whenever a disaster strikes a country or community, attention toward 72 hour kits and other emergency supplies increases.

The problem, however, is that there are still too many people unprepared because they don’t think it will happen to them. The fact is, it could happen to anyone at any time no matter where you live. Be prepared for an emergency with at least a 72 hour kit.

Tragic events may include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, severe outbreaks of a serious illness, tsunamis, and other such events. Those affected by an emergency situation may require first aid and may lack access to the basic necessities of life until aid and assistance arrives.

In many cases, it may be one or even several days before food, water and medical assistance arrives. During this time, those affected by a catastrophic or disastrous event will need to be self-reliant, and they will need to make use of the supplies that they have available in their home.

Purchasing a 72 hour kit from LifeSecure will help you to be prepared for any emergency.

When You Need a Kit

If your power goes out for a few hours during a major rainstorm or you are stuck inside due to bad weather for a short period of time, you may not need to pull out an emergency kit. You may simply need to hunker down and wait it out.

However, there are other instances when you will need to rely on the supplies in a kit. For example, if you need to evacuate from your home immediately due to rising flood waters or a raging wildfire near your home, you may only be able to grab a few things before you leave.

On the other hand, you may be stranded inside your home without the ability to get assistance for days on end, and you may need access to the supplies in your 72 hour kit.

The Convenience of a Kit

The fact is that you can make your own 72 hour kit by shopping around and purchasing the supplies on your own. However, the kits available through LifeSecure have been thoughtfully prepared to ensure that you truly have everything that you need in one convenient location.

When you prepare your own kit, there is always a chance that an important item was overlooked that you may need in the case of an emergency. You may also be unsure about the quantity of supplies that are needed for an emergency for you or your whole family.

The 72 hour kits available through LifeSecure have been professionally compiled to ensure that all of the first aid and emergency supplies you may need are available to you.

Different Kits

LifeSecure understands that different situations call for different types of 72 hour kit supplies, and that is why we have created multiple kits for you to choose from. These kits are all designed to be easily moved and carried.

Larger kits are on wheels, and they can be rolled out of your home if you need to evacuate or transported to a storm cellar or another location without hassle. Smaller kits are available in duffle bags or in another convenient and portable containers.

There are kits suitable for all needs, including those for one person or multiple people and for specific situations. For example, one 72 hour kit may be designed for those who need to evacuate their home quickly, and others may be designed for first aid response or to keep inside your vehicle.

Because there are different survival and first aid needs in different situations, some people will purchase multiple kits to keep in their home, their car, and other locations.

Nobody wants to be caught off-guard and unprepared when an emergency strikes. While you may not know when an emergency situation will arise, you can prepare for such an event by investing in a 72 hour kit from LifeSecure.

Take time to review these kits in detail today, and don’t delay in placing your order. You may never need to use your emergency preparedness kit, but if you do, the supplies in your kit can be highly beneficial and even life-saving.