David Scott
David co-founded LifeSecure in 2005, just a few months before Hurricane Katrina taught everyone that one can go hungry and thirsty in America and even die before help arrives. For over a decade David has focused on developing and discovering superior emergency and disaster survival solutions - kits and supplies. He has trained community groups in emergency preparedness, helped non-profit organizations prepare emergency kits for needy individuals, conducted community emergency response exercises, and developed emergency plans for non-profit organizations. David makes an ongoing study of how best to prepare for and respond to various natural and man-made disasters, and his mission has been to help others “live Life SECURE” every day by preparing for what may come someday.
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Stay Secure.  When Life Isn’t.

Prepare for Emergencies with a 72 Hour Kit

Having a 72 hour kit is important, especially for the past few years. There have been various natural and manmade disasters in the past few years including storms and nuclear meltdowns. These disaster are not uncommon today. It is therefore important to be prepared as these disasters are often unexpected. You need to ensure that you have a 72 hour kit.

A 72 hour kit is a bag that contains all the essentials you will need for an emergency. The items you pack in the bag depend on your needs and requirements. These items, however, should be able to sustain you and a companion for at least 72 hours.

Although the items in these kits vary, there are some basic items that are common such as a first aid box and food. An important part of creating a 72 hour kit is purchasing the right type of bag. The bag that contains all of your emergency supplies needs be be all of accessible, portable, and have enough space to carry all that you will need to sustain life for 72 hours. You will find various types of bags sold as 72 hour kits in stores, but they do not come packed with the necessary items. It is therefore important to ensure that you choose a bag with the necessary items that will meet your requirements. LifeSecure 72 hour kits come pre-packed with everything you will need in case of an emergency.

Many disaster preparedness experts recommend that you choose a bag first then pack it with the items. This will ensure that you limit the number of items that you carry with you in an emergency. The kit sizes however are provided in terms of the length of time you are packing for.

For example, you will find that kits for 1 to 2 nights range between 20 to 50 liters in capacity. It is also important to choose a bag depending on your torso size. This ensures that the bag is comfortable on your back if you are using a backpack. Life Secure also offers 72 hour kits with rollers on the bag for easy portability. You should also check for other special features included in the 72 hour kit such as load support frames as well as easier access to items in the backpack. Life Secure sells emergency bags that are durable, come with reenforced frames, have plenty of storage space, pockets, and easy access.

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