Rolling Emergency Kits

A rolling emergency kit can increase mobility during an emergency or disaster. Easy-Roll & MobileAid emergency kits provide a full-line of survival and first aid kits in rolling backpacks, rolling duffel bags, and wheeled stations.

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  • RollEvac Packpack

    LifeSecure RollEvac Emergency Rolling Backpack with LED Safety Signal [Load Your Own] (60300)

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  • Emergency kit

    MobileAid EASY-Roll Emergency Response Cart [Load-Your-Own] – Safety Green (31590)

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  • Stealth SECUR-Evac

    SECUR-Evac EASY-Roll Emergency HandCart [Load-Your-Own] – Stealth Black (31575)

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  • RealTree Xtra Camo Bug Out Cart

    SecurEvac ALL-Terrain Bug Out Survival Cart [Load-Your-Own] – RealTree Xtra Camo (33575)

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  • personal emergency survival pack

    Clear-View Personal 3-Day Emergency Survival Pack [Fits in Bug-Out-Roller Carts] (80050)

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