With the threat of shootings and terrorist attacks being an unfortunate reality in many communities, it is important to be prepared with an emergency kit and emergency supplies. During a terrorist attack or shooting, it is imperative to stop the excessive bleeding of someone who has been shot as quickly as possible. It may take time for emergency responders to arrive at the scene of the incident. This is why having a, emergency kit for shootings or terrorism can save someones life. Stop severe bleeding fast with our comprehensive BleedStop Bleeding Wound Trauma First Aid Kits.

Why is it important to prepare for a mass shooting?

In 2016, there were over 58,000 incidents of gun violence and over 15,000 deaths because of gun violence. Even if your chances are low, gun violence is not uncommon in America. In order to feel more secure in your everyday life, you should prepare yourself for an incident because you never know if it could happen to you. Whether you are preparing a school, a government building, an office, a store, a home, or any other place a shooting could occur (anywhere), you could end up saving lives by thinking in advance and preparing yourself for the worst.

What should you put in a gunshot trauma kit?

  • Gloves to wear gloves when treating a wound
  • EMT Scissors for cutting clothing and bandages
  • Blood-clotting gauze
  • Bandages of all different sizes
  • Large trauma pads
  • Self-adherent wrap
  • Tourniquets- devices used to help stop the blood flow through a vein or artery, especially for bleeding limbs
  • A permanent marker for writing the time and date of the tourniquet application on the casualty.
  • Petroleum Gauze
  • Emergency Thermal Blankets
  • Moist towelettes
  • Biohazard bags

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