MobileAid Modular Trauma First Aid Kits, Carts & Stations


Ready to Respond!™

1st in Mobile Trauma First Aid Kits since 2009!  MobileAid delivers exceptional trauma first aid kits that offer superior mobility, functionality, organization, and design for any emergency situation. These trauma first aid kits help ON-SITE medical responders, safety and security personnel, and professional and community responders to be the 1st to provide medical aid, instantly, in any emergency or disaster. Injured people may not be able to get the professional medical attention they need immediately. Sometimes it may take hours or even days before emergency personnel can arrive. Sometimes even a few minutes can be too late. That is why it’s important to always be prepared with a trauma first aid kit. Whether there are medical professionals present who are without their medical supplies or it is up to community members to helping one another, being equipped with a trauma first aid kit means being able to provide the 1st aid, when it counts the most.

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