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Emergency Flashlights & Emergency Radios

Emergency flashlights and emergency radios are an essential part of a disaster kit.
An emergency flashlight will increase mobility in complete darknes and is useful
in signaling for help. Receive emergency broadcast updates with an emergency radio
or relay information using a handheld two-way radio.

SECUR Waterproof Solar/Dynamo Hand-Crank Emergency LED Flashlight (70820)

The perfect emergency flashlight with high power LEDs, built-in dynamo hand-crank generator and solar panel and totally water proof design. Designed for continued use in storms, floods and other disasters.

Was $27.95
Now only: $25.00

SECUR Digital Emergency Solar/Dynamo Hand Crank Radio & LED Flashlight (70810)

This multi-function emergency radio includes a digital display and never needs batteries - can be charged via built-in dynamo, solar panel, external USB or adapter.

Was $54.95
Now only: $50.00

SECUR Dynamo Hand-Crank/Solar Emergency NOAA Radio and LED Flashlight (70800)

This all-in-one emergency radio does it all: digital NOAA alert weather band radio with alert function, AM/FM radio, cell phone charger, USB compatible, built-in hand crank and solar panel. Never needs batteries, weatherproof. Perfect for your emergency kit or to have with you in the outdoors.

Was $68.95
Now only: $65.00

COAST Emergency Two-Color LED Lantern (70870)

This extremely bright LED lantern is ideal for emergency situations. Whether you are in a power outage, stranded roadside or lighting an area in a disaster, the up to 60 lumen light is perfect for these situations.

Four modes: high, low, solid red and flashing red.

Can run up to 6 nights on 1 set of batteries.

Was $38.99
Now only: $34.99

COAST Flex Charge Dual Power Rechargeable LED Flashlight (70860)

The HP7R rechargeable flashlight has a beam distance of up to 306 meters (1,003 feet), making it an excellent duty light for all types of tactical, rescue, and law enforcement professionals. Flex Charge Dual Power system allows you to charge using AC, DC or USB power sources and also includes an alkaline battery pack, allowing you to continue using your light, even without access to charging power.

Was $156.45
Now only: $147.49

NIGHTSTICK 37-LED Flood-Flashlight (70725)

A 37-LED flashlight, floodlight, and dual light. Flashlight for long reach visibility and a wide beam floodlight to drench the work area in light. Activate both for maximum illumination while working, walking or searching. Exceptionally bright and reliable illumination. Custom fit for the elastic-grip flashlight tubes on any MobileAid backpack.

Was $37.95
Now only: $34.95

COAST Waterproof Storm and Flood Flashlight (70850)

This flashlight is waterproof to 196 feet (60 meters), making it essential equipment in the event of a storm or flood. The flashlight has 131 lumens of output and has 639 ft of beam distance above water. Neon yellow color makes it easy to see in all types of conditions. Flooding and storms can arise unexpectedly, which makes this an excellent flashlight to keep handy in your emergency kit, car or around the house. The nylon lanyard makes it easy to hold on to in wet, slippery conditions. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards by an independent laboratory.

Was $67.95
Now only: $63.99

Luci Solar LED Emergency Inflatable/Collapsible Lantern (70735)

10-LED Solar Lantern is compact (1"x5" when collapsed) and lightweight (4.5 oz.) for storage and transport and bright (80 lumens) for emergency use. Waterproof enclosure inflates to 4" for use in low light, bright light, and emergency flashing light modes. Use as a task light, flashlight, and diffuse area lantern (15 sq. ft.). 8 hour charge yields 6 to 12 hours of light. Recharge in sunlight or incandescent light. Handle for carrying or attaching to walls, ceilings, or backpacks.

Was $16.95
Now only: $14.95

Midland 42-Channel Emergency Two Way Radio (70980)
Midland GXT760VP4 is a 42 channel two way radio with NOAA weather scan and alert. The radio has up to a 36 mile range in open areas. Includes rechargeable batteries and a charger. A perfect compliment for the Midland XT511 Hand Crank Emergency radio.
Was $84.99
Now only: $79.99

Midland 22-Channel Two Way Radio (70990)
Midland LXT112 is a 22 channel two way radio has up to a 14 mile range in open areas. This is a light weight, easy to use radio. Powered by either rechargeable batteries or 3 AAA (both not included). An excellent addition to family emergency kits.
Was $44.95
Now only: $39.95

Midland WR120B All Weather Emergency NOAA Radio (70925)
The WR120B NOAA radio tunes to the U.S. Government's All–Hazards 24/7 alert system and activates automatically to alert you of severe natural or man–made disasters. The U.S. Government and leading disaster–response organizations recommend that every home and workplace have at least one NOAA alert radio.

Midland NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio (70960)
Rugged hand crank AM/FM/NOAA weather radio with optional auto-alert broadcasts. 3 power options: A/C adapter (110v outlet), dynamo hand crank, and 3 AA batteries backup (not included) makes it ideal for emergency kits.
Was $79.95
Now only: $69.95

Emergency Flashlights with 5-Year Batteries (Set of 2) (70350)
2 durable flashlights with two sets of alkaline D batteries that have a 5-year shelf life.
Was $11.95
Now only: $9.95

12-Hour Emergency Light Sticks (20 Sticks) (70320)
20-pack of emergency light sticks provides an instant and long lasting source of light without batteries. Simply bend, snap, and shake to activate for up to 12 hours.
Was $33.95
Now only: $31.95

12-Hour Emergency Light Sticks (4 sticks) (70310)
4–pack of emergency light sticks provides an instant and long lasting source of light without batteries. Simply bend, snap, and shake to activate for up to 12 hours.
Was $7.45
Now only: $6.79

MobileAid 24/7 Blackout-Ready Double Flood-Flashlight Set for Easy-Roll Stations & Bags (70730) [Bag NOT included)
What if you never had to worry about trying to respond to a medical emergency in the dark? The MobileAid Double Flood-Flashlight Set includes two 37-LED flood-flashlights with flexible mounting brackets to provide lighting during an emergency. The dual-mode, multi-function flood-flashlights have 3 settings (floodlight, flashlight, dual-light) to offer optional lighting of a first aid area.
Was $99.95
Now only: $94.95